Google rules the smartphone market with Android

Google’s mobile Android operating system continues to dominate the smartphone market, claiming a whopping 51.8% of the lucrative space in June 2012.

According to a recent Nielsen survey, Apple’s iPhone weighed in at 34.3%, while BlackBerry hovered at 8.1%.

Unsurprisingly, most individuals who purchased a new smartphone over the past three months – 54.6% – chose Android handsets. 

Nevertheless, Apple’s iOS platform remained a popular choice for some 36.3% of consumers. In sharp contrast, only a paltry 4% selected a BlackBerry. 

As expected, Redmond failed to make significant inroads in the mobile zone, with Windows Mobile claiming 3% – compared to Microsoft’s heavily marketed Windows 7 which only managed to eke out a rather humble 1.3% share.

Meanwhile, AllThingsD reported that RIM continues to bleed developers, as collective dev outlook tumbled – on a 10-point scale – from 4.6 to 3.8. 

“31 percent of sampled BlackBerry 10 developers said that they have shifted some or all of their work away from BB10, compared with 34 percent in Q1,” said a Baird Equity Research analyst.

“This is the second quarter in which we have seen fewer responders indicating that they will shift some of their work away from BlackBerry. We believe that many developers who planned to jump ship have already made the move, leaving a BlackBerry developer base that is smaller but increasingly loyal.”