Video claims to show new iPhone design

Another day, and yes, there is yet another report-rumor about Apple’s next-gen iPhone 5.

At this point, we know nothing for certain about the  new smartphone. Think about it: Apple could pull the same trick it did with the new iPad – simply calling the handset the “new iPhone,” or “iPhone next,” rather than the iPhone 5. Frankly, I’ll actually be somewhat surprised if the next iPhone is even given a number.

Naming conventions aside, a new video has surfaced showing what appears to be a leaked uni-body backplate for the next-generation iPhone.

The video originates from a company known as ETrade Supply which sells components for wireless devices. In the clip, ETrade compares the alleged new part with the existing chassis and back of the  iPhone 4S. Essentially, the new component is a uni-body design that features no back glass.

I think its quite clear that a lot of people hope the next-gen iPhone ditches back glass which is painfully prone to scratches and cracks. With Apple’s push to take everything uni-body, I don’t find it particularly hard to believe the next iPhone would boast such a design.

The new iPhone chassis may also sport a slimmer profile, with a backplate as thin as the metal section of the current iPhone 4 – without the glass on either side. Plus, the SIM card tray seems to be smaller on this particular backplate than on the current iPhone – which neatly coincides with rumors of a nano SIM.

Last but not least, the video shows a docking connector on the bottom of the iPhone chassis that is noticeably smaller than the docking connector port on current devices. This would support yet another rumor about a new micro docking connector.