ZombiU might not be exclusive to Wii U

One of the most ambitious Wii U titles shown at E3 might already have its eyes on other platforms.

ZombiU was among the title that made the most waves among Nintendo’s requisite lineup of Mario titles and mini-games on the Wii U. The zombie craze continues to be strong, especially on consoles, so it’s not surprising to see this level of interest.

The Wii U certainly has a lot of potential, and its touchscreen controller has the capacity to be as wholly unique industry-changing as the Wii originally did with motion controls.

But if there’s one thing that pretty much everyone can agree on, it’s that Nintendo failed to attract a lot of third-party support.

A lot of the third-party Wii titles that performed the best were ones that were multi-platform releases so by their very nature they didn’t do anything to spur hardware sales.

THQ game ZombiU seemed to be one of the best examples of a third-party Wii U game, and based on its name it seemed very unlikely that it wouldn’t be a Wii U exclusive.

But when you think about it, that doesn’t mean THQ couldn’t just change the name and slap it on another console. And that may be exactly what it’s planning to do.

“ZombiU at its core was designed to be a great Wii U game and in order to make that work on other platforms they would have to change a lot of what makes the game cool. And I’m not saying that can’t be done, but not in the next six months, you know?” Ubisoft sales and marketing SVP Tony Key said in an IGN interview.