Ex-Apple employee: Steve Jobs would be embarrassed by Siri

Is the direction of Apple going on a downward spiral since Steve Jobs passed away?

In a recent CNNarticle, an unnamed Apple insider is quoted as saying, “People are embarrassed by Siri.” Although it was introduced to the world as a “beta” service, Apple has been displaying it as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Commercials bragging about Siri and showing it as a powerful platform that can understand regular human speech – even snarky or offbeat requests – have been blasted by people who actually own an iPhone 4S.

Many people have complained that they have tried to ask Siri the exact same things that actors in the ads are depicted as asking the voice recognition software, with no luck.

The CNN insider reportedly said that Steve Jobs “would have lost his mind over Siri.”

This leads to an important question of whether or not the impossibly high standards that Jobs set for the company are being maintained.

Jobs was a man of arrogance, but to many, he deserved that arrogance because his ideas and his products delivered. Jobs was the man who would call a press conference just to tell reporters that they were wrong (read: iPhone 4 antenna-gate).

However, it seems like even Jobs would have a tough time defending Siri.