4G LTE coming to Navy ships

If you needed any more proof that 4G LTE is the way of the future, here you go.

Being in the Navy is no easy task. There is no shortage of things to discuss when thinking about things the brave men and women have to endure on a daily basis.

But one that can’t be discounted is the utter lack of personal communications while they are out at sea. Until now, it a sailor wants to check their email, stream video, or do anything for personal use, they’re lucky if they get low-end dial-up speeds. That’s about to change.

The naval section of the military has announced that by the end of the year, three of its ships will be outfitted with 4G LTE connectivity, making it possible for sailors to go online with their smartphones – something that has been a pipe dream for so many until now.

The USS Kearsarge, the USS San Antonio, and the USS Whidbey Island are the ones chosen for the initial rollout, with more planned if the move is successful.

The service is being installed by military contractor BATS Wireless.

“What we’ve collectively developed is a ruggedized, ocean-going LTE network similar to what you’d find with telecom providers like Verizon or AT&T. The biggest difference being that it can expand, contract, and move seamlessly; delivering critical data and communications to the soldiers who need it most,” BATS said in a statement.

When the concept of 4G first started materializing, there were multiple competing standards – Wimax, LTE, and HSPA+. Among the four major carriers, these three standards were all represented. However, within just a couple years, they are all now conforming to LTE.