Verizon puts major streaming services into one app

Streaming video is about to get a lot easier, if you have a Verizon phone.

The mobile carrier is launching a way for it to both boast about the capabilities of its high-speed 4G LTE network and to make one of the most popular Web activities go through its unified service.

The service in question is called Viewdini, and it will allow users to stream Hulu Plus, Netflix, Comcast Xfinity, and mSpot content all within the confines of one platform. CEO Dan Mead made the announcement at an event this week.

This is the kind of thing that many other streaming platforms have been trying to accomplish – or at least, should be trying to accomplish.

For example, an app called aggregates movie and TV show titles into one unified search platform but once users find the title they want, they’re directed to Hulu, Netflix, or wherever the content happens to be.

Likewise, on Google TV, Google has done a great job of letting users search for content, but so so great of a job when it comes to actually accessing that content.

So it’s no surprise that Mead called Viewdini “one of our most important [announcements] of the year,” as quoted by The Verge. The app will be available later this month through the Google Play store.

There are sure to be new services similar to Viewdini as users seek easier ways to access all the content that’s available through various different platforms.