T-Mobile reportedly mulling MetroPCS merger

It’s back to the drawing board for T-Mobile in the world of corporate acquisitions.

It seems like the carrier is still willing to work on a merger even though the whole AT&T episode backfired in such a huge way. But then again, it ended up getting billions of dollars in a concession deal with AT&T and it didn’t even have to give up anything, so it’s not all bad.

Nevertheless, T-Mobile’s subscription numbers are way down and now it’s looking for something to give itself a huge jolt to get back in the game.

So, according to a Bloomberg report, T-Mobile is mulling the idea of merging with one of the top regional carriers, MetroPCS. In fact, MetroPCS has grown from the niche category of small regional operator to the fifth largest carrer in the nation.

That makes it the biggest mobile service provider outside of the “major” carriers everyone always talks about. And it has been working hard to prove its worth, such as developing an LTE network and offering a lot of affordable Android phones.

Analyst reports suggest that T-Mobile will report a loss of 470,000 subscribers when it announces its quarterly earnings report later today.

Among the other strategies T-Mobile has when it comes to getting back on its feet is implementing an LTE network, which will roll out in 2013, making the company the last major carrier to put up an advanced high-speed mobile data network.