Littlebigplanet online beta coming soon to Playstation Vita

There’s going to be a new chapter in the creative game franchise that gets most of its inspiration from users being creative.

Handheld gamers will soon be able to get their hands on what could be most ambitious portable gaming title that focuses on user-generated content. That’s right – we’re talking about Sackboy’s venture onto the PlayStation Vita.

The game will feature heavy online support and in order to put that infrastructure through a stress test, Sony will be turning to its loyal Vita owners to run through a beta version of the title.

“We’re hoping to get a ton of feedback on the overall experience from the folks who know LBP best – and that means you! For a chance to take part in this exclusive event, head on over to our sign-up page to register.

There will be much more info to follow. For now though, dust off your finest analytical hat, and prepare to dive into Sackboy’s latest escapade,” wrote developer Tarsier Studios in a post on the official PlayStation Blog.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing when you might get accepted into the beta, and Sony hasn’t given an official start date. Tarsier Studio’s Simon Rosenkotter wrote:

“You will know whether you’ve been picked, when you get an email containing the download code.” LittleBigPlanet made a huge splash on the PS3 but its presence on the PSP was muted. We’ll see if it can bring back the excitement on the Vita.