Galaxy S II Skyrocket Ice Cream Sandwich ROM spotted

A fully working version of Android 4.0 is now available for Samsung’s Galaxy S II phone.

However, it isn’t an officially released version of the software. The website managed to nab an unofficial build of the update and is offering it up as a download to those savvy enough to put it on their phones.

The Skyrocket has been confirmed as one of the devices that Samsung and AT&T will be upgrading to the latest version of Android, but a timetable as to when exactly the update will happen has not been announced.

Unlike many cases when it comes to leaked builds, there have been no reported issues with this download, leading many to believe it is in fact the final version that will be pushed through AT&T, hopefully soon.

Right now, Ice Cream Sandwich is installed on less than 2% of Android device, which is comprised almost exclusively of those with Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus phone, the first device to launch with the new OS out of the box.

Ice Cream Sandwich is one of the biggest updates to Android yet, and includes such features as scanning your face to unlock the phone, a much more robust speech-to-text software program, and an entire platform of data sharing that focuses on Near Field Communication (NFC).

NFC so far has been mostly focused on using your phone as a payment device in retail stores, but with Ice Cream Sandwich’s Android Beam, it can also allow users to easily share contact information, Youtube videos, or website addresses simply by waving two phones next to each other.

Several other manufacturers have pledged support for the new update, and a bunch of phones currently running an older version of Android will be eligible to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich beginning in the coming months.