Zelda music celebrated in full-length concert

As promised, the storied history of The Legend of Zelda is being celebrated in the form of a classical concert.

Nintendo announced the project last year and is making good on it, with concerts taking the world by storm.

This certainly isn’t the first time that video game music has been the exclusive source of material for a classical concert.

For years, a concert series called Video Games Live has been touring around the world, playing hits from some of the most popular video games of all time.

That concert, though, features music from decades of video game history, and spans all kinds of genres from shooters to role-playing games to vintage platformers.

Then there is the roaming concert series featuring nothing but Final Fantasy music. Again, though, Final Fantasy has an incredibly storied history with literally dozens of titles having been released since its inception.

For Zelda, the repertoire is admittedly smaller, but the impact of the music is no less important. It is one of those rare franchises where the music is almost as important as the gameplay.

In addition, seasoned fans of the Zelda series can tell when a song is from the franchise, even if they’ve never played that particular game. It has a timbre that is instantly recognizable.

“You’ve got your 30-year-old gamer who grew up playing Zelda. I want him or her to bring their 6-year-old child to the concert, too. And I want that child’s grandparents to come and enjoy it. What people can expect is a thorough musical experience that is cinematic, narrative and lyrical,” said music director Chad Seiter, in an Examiner.com quote.

The next performance is tonight in Seattle.