DirecTV adds on-demand streaming to iPad app

Users can now watch movies on-the-go if they have a DirecTV account.

It’s the latest in the series of apps powered by cable and satellite providers in an attempt to remain relevant in a world where they are no longer the kings of content.

DirecTV, like many other pay TV services, has had an iPad app for some time now, and it even lets users stream live TV directly to their device.

However, the app only lets users access the content from within the same house as their cable account. It essentially just acts as a second TV screen.

Time Warner Cable launched its own TV-streaming app earlier this year, but was met with backlash from several channels, forcing the carrier to restrict the content. It said, however, that it still believed it had the legal rights to provide the content. Time Warner’s app also only works when users are connected to their Time Warner Cable Internet connection.

Optimum has a similar offering, and the list goes on. For the new DirecTV app, though, users can watch movies on demand whenever they want, from any Internet connection.

The content is limited, though. Only select movies are available and they’re presented as being from HBO, Showtime, or DirecTV’s original programming networks. TV shows are not included in the app’s list of content, at least not yet.

The battle between cable providers and cable networks looks like it will only continue to escalate as more viewing options like this become available.