Minecraft heading to Xbox 360

The increasingly popular open-ended game Minecraft is ready to land on a console platform.

Minecraft has been fascinating the world of PC gamers for years now, and it has been slowly working its way to expand into new platforms and attract new groups of customers.

Minecraft has grown from a small project with a big dream to a huge community with more than 20 million registered users.

The game is all about construction – building the perfect world with a highly customizable set of tools, and a unique graphical style that makes this title unlike anything before it.

The way the game is presented makes it fun and addicting for players of all ages, but it was very much built as a PC game. There’s a lot of point-and-click functionality that may be difficult to transfer to a console that relies on controller input.

Minecraft has already found a second home on mobile devices, but that also gives users a point-and-click mechanic, so one of the things fans will be watching is to see how developers managed to translate that to the Xbox 360.

Minecraft is also teaming up with Lego to create a special version of the game. Announced earlier this year, it will be part of the increasingly popular line of Lego video games.

“We can’t wait to show it to you—but it isn’t ready just yet. These things take time, so we appreciate your patience. More details are to come,” Lego said in a statement in January.

As for the Xbox 360 edition, complete details are expected to be announced soon.