New Apple MacBooks already in production

Apple has reportedly kicked off production of its next-gen MacBook Pro, which is expected to closely emulate the Air’s thinner form factor and forego an optical drive.

According to DigiTimes, initial monthly shipments of the new notebooks are projected to hit 100,000 – 150,000, while subsequent shipments will weigh in at 900,000 units.

Sources also told the publication that Apple is likely to continue differentiating its MacBook Pro lineup from the Air, with the former boasting more advanced specs, such as faster CPU performance and larger storage capacity.

Earlier reports indicated that Cupertino was preparing to phase out its mid-range Macbook Pro lineup by introducing a larger 15-inch MacBook Air, while retaining the current form factor for its higher-end 17-inch models.

Although Cupertino has yet to confirm exact specs for its upcoming laptop refresh, it is almost certain the new MacBooks will be powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors. 

Recent reports indicate lower-end systems will lack a discrete GPU, while mid to higher-end units are like to be equipped with Nvidia’s next-gen Kepler GPU.

Apple’s new MacBook lineup could hit stores by April.