Nexus S will get real Ice Cream Sandwich soon

Google is promising to fix the Android 4.0 update that went awry the first time around.

The Nexus S phone, which Google had an active hand in developing and was the company’s highest priority for Android support before the Galaxy Nexus, officially began receiving the update to Ice Cream Sandwich in December.

However, as soon as users started downloading the update, a number of them complained of screen crashes and system freezes. Google swiftly pulled the update but refused to admit that anything was wrong.

Even for those who managed to upgrade successfully, complaints were rampant about intense battery drain. The Nexus S was the guinea pig, and it was not successful.

However, Engadget has confirmed that within the “next few weeks” a new version of the software update will be rolled out, allowing those who got to the old one to have a more stable build, and those who never upgraded to finally get on board.

Unfortunately, other Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades haven’t been that successful either. Asus had similar problems with system malfunctions when it tried to update earlier this year.

Meanwhile, every major manufacturer has pledged to roll out updates to their devices this year, but few are willing to put firm deadlines in place. Many say not to expect the new software until the middle of the year or later.