Isaacson intentionally left out iTV details

Steve Jobs’s biographer knows a lot more about Apple’s push into the television market than he let on in his book.

The Jobs biography is a masterpiece and will go down in history as one of the penultimate biographies of the generation, but even the man who wrote it, Walter Isaacson, admits it didn’t present the entire picture.

Isaacson has of course made a lot of money from his book, and he wants to capitalize on that by releasing a new issue later this year with information that was intentionally left out of the first book.

Specificall, in a TV interview with a Brazilian journalist, Isaacson said he didn’t include everything Jobs told him about what the next chapter in Apple’s push to the TV market should be.

Asked why, Isaacon said, “Because Apple hadn’t yet done it and I thought that, maybe, that was unfair to Apple before they produce the TV…reporting what Steve thought it should be.”

The next jump for Apple into the coveted living room space has become the subject of much speculation. Isaacson teased the idea in the book but didn’t provide any specific details.

It’s assumed that the iTV (or whatever it happens to be called; the iTV is the media’s favorite name but that’s unlikely to be the final version because of copyright issues over the TV network iTV) will be powered by Siri, Apple’s voice-recognition software.

So instead of pushing buttons on a remote control, you’ll just ask “what movies are on?” or “Watch The Big Bang Theory” or “Watch NBC.” That’s the assumption. Of course, details haven’t been announced, though if you want to know, Isaacson apparently has the inside scoop. We’ll have to see how much he sells that information for in his next book.