US smartphone penetration reaches 100 million

There are enough smartphones in the US to account for nearly one in every three Americans.

According to leading mobile research firm Comscore, as of January there 101.3 million people with a service subscription enacted on a smartphone.

According to the group, Android was the leading platform, following by Apple. The exact statistics are as follows:

– Android: 48.6%

– iOS: 29.5%

– Blackberry: 15.2%

– Windows Mobile/Windows Phone: 4.4%

– Symbian: 1.5%

This is the first time in Comscore’s data history that smartphone usage has eclipsed the 100 million mark, showing just how ubiquitous they have become in our society, even at a time when people are concerned about the economy and how they’re able to put food on their tables.

In terms of total mobile phone usage, Comscore found that 234 million Americans older than the age of 12 used a mobile phone. That’s about as close to universal adoption as you can get.

When it comes to the manufacturing side, Samsung is the leader in the US. It manages to capture a 25.4% market share in the entire mobile phone market in this country.

While a lot of that is no doubt attributed to its popular Galaxy-branded smartphones and other Android-powered devices, Samsung is also a ubiquitous manufacturer of feature phones, so on the more than 100 million other cell phone owners who don’t have a smartphone, Samsung is probably taking a big bulk of those customers.