Slight difference between AT&T, Verizon on 4G LTE

Apple has introduced the pricing structures for iPad LTE connectivity.

Aside from the inclusion of the high-definition Retina Display, arguably the biggest enhancement with the new iPad is its ability to connect to 4G LTE networks.

Of course, there are some caveats with that. First, customers will need to buy the more expensive version of the device to even get a 4G signal, and second they’ll need to get a service contract.

Only AT&T and Verizon will be offering LTE service for the device. Sprint’s foray into LTE is still very early and would add little value to the iPad at this time.

Today, Apple has revealed the pricing structures for LTE data on the two supporting carriers. Confusingly, they both offer different rates and tiers. That is, unless you want to go all out with the highest-capacity plan. Both Verizon and AT&T will offer 5 GB of monthly data for $50/month.

When it comes to the lower tiers, AT&T offers 250 MB per month for $14.99 and 3 GB for $30. Verizon, on the other hand, offers 1 GB for $20 a month, or 2 GB for $30. So if you’re going to use exactly 1 GB per month, Verizon is the way to go.

If you want between 1.1 GB and 3 GB per month, AT&T should be your choice. If you want to max out your plan, go with Verizon because its LTE network is more robust, and if you want an LTE iPad but somehow don’t see yourself using more than a quarter of a gigabyte per month, then go with AT&T.

Nice and confusing, right?