TI’s OMAP 5 is a screaming fast mobile chip

Texas Instruments (TI) has released a video showcasing the impressive processing capabilities and speed of its upcoming OMAP 5 processor.

In the video, a pair of OMAP 5 TI A15 cores (clocked at 800MHz) take on an unspecified quad-core A9 chip, which Nicole Scott of Netbook News tentatively identified as Nvidia’s Tegra 3.

During the benchmark test, both processors executed the following simultaneous tasks: 

– Rendering 20 web pages.

– Downloading videos.

– Playing an MP3 file.

True to TI’s claims, the OMAP 5 devoured the webpages in just 95 seconds, while the A9 – clocked at 1.3GHz – took 201 seconds to do the job.

Although the OMAP 5 is a pretty sweet chip indeed, it is worth noting that it probably won’t hit devices until 2013, while the Tegra 3 is already shipping in products. 

Nevertheless, the OMAP 5 is definitely worth looking forward to, as devices powered by the chip will likely set new performance standards for both smartphones and tablets.