Report: Final iPad 3 preparations underway

According to the most recent scuttlebutt, the iPad 3 is pretty much ready to go; the only thing Apple needs to do now is set up one heck of an unveiling event.

After months of speculation about the next-generation iPad and when it would be revealed, the rumors have finally seemed to settle together to suggest it will be uncovered next month, and the primary talking point will be a new high-resolution display.

High-resolution probably doesn’t even convey the grandeur that the new tablet will offer. It’s more like a super-resolution monitor, using technology known as a Retina Display. The result is a 2048×1536 screen that will blow the iPad 2’s already impressive graphical quality out of the water.

And even though we haven’t seen much more concrete information about the actual technical specs of the device, it seems Apple has already got the thing into production. According to various reports, the company is now seeking out app makers that have the best content to show off at the iPad 3 reveal.

The question that is perhaps as much discussed as what the iPad 3 will offer is how the presentation will go. This is the first time a new iPad will be unveiled since Steve Jobs passed away, and spectators expect it to be a much more low-key affair. The sense of excitement and enthusiasm just isn’t there anymore, and it would be tough for new CEO Tim Cook to try to replicate that.