Double Fine Adventure clinches $1.2 million in crowd sourced funding

If you have a good idea you can try to rack up funding and more to help bring your concept to market via Kickstarter.

How does Kickstarter work? People and companies talk up a product or project with video and images, allowing viewers to decide if they like an idea and are willing to pledge funds.

Although small pledges are just donations, larger pledges are actually considered pre-orders for a device or product once it is actually completed and hits the market.

As expected, Kickstarter supports all types of projects, ranging from physical goods to movies and video games.

One recent project featured on Kickstarter is a video game from Tim Schafer titled Double Fine Adventure, which originally was attempting to raise $400,000.

Apparently, users of Kickstarter thought the game was a fantastic idea, as ot only took eight hours to reach the $400,000 funding goal – which eventually exceeded $1.2 million in just 24 hours. Check out the video below for additional details.