Nokia claims 45% of new Windows Phone market

The Nokia-Windows Phone partnership appears to be working pretty well so far.

That is, at least, for Nokia. According to Windows Phone-centric blog, 45% of the current generation of Windows Phone devices that have been sold are from Nokia.

HTC is a close second, accounting for 40% of the still-nascent market. Samsung is behind at 12%.

There were two major goals when Nokia decided to ditch its antiquated proprietary operating system and switch to Windows Phone – one was to get Nokia’s name back in the spotlight and earn some much-needed shelf space in places like the US. The second was to bolster Windows Phone’s presence and make it a formidable competitor to Android and the iPhone.

For now, goal number one has been accomplished. Nokia is back on the market in a big way, and it was genius that the company decided to launch the Lumia 710, an entry-level $50 phone, as its flagship device in the US.

The Lumia 710 has been meeting its promise to be a smartphone for budget-conscious consumers. That’s the one segment that had not been successfully captured by Google or Apple, and Nokia has swooped in and done a marvelous job at capturing their attention.

Of course, the Windows Phone brand itself is still struggling to get on the same level as Android or iOS, but it’s chugging along. Nokia is helping in a big way.