Nike introduces ‘smart’ fitness wristband

Nike has unveiled a new product that will help users track their physical activity and keep them motivated to stay active.

The Nike+ Fuelband is a wristband that automatically records data throughout the day. Then, users can download their daily activity report to their smartphones and computers.

This is the newest entry in the shoemaker’s Nike+ line of products. The company previously made waves with its smart shoes that tracked how far and how fast users walked, jogged, or ran, and could also connect directly to an iPod or iPhone.

The Fuelband is definitely a high-tech gadget and it could be a big revolution in the fitness market.

Users set goals and then can track their progress throughout the day, on their phone, to get instant feedback on how close they are to reaching that goal. Users get special achievements for reaching goals multiple days in a row and for completing other milestone events.

In addition to tracking the number of steps taken, it also automatically calculates calories burned. The wristband includes two Lithium Polymer batteries that allows it to stay charged for up to four days.

The Fuelband will go on sale February 22 but pre-orders have opened up already. The cost? $149.