Roku USB stick streams content

Roku’s set-top boxes have become progressively smaller with each new iteration, while offering users more than just movie and streaming content with access to games like the ever-popular Angry Birds.

And today, Roku unveiled its latest streaming device, dubbed the “Streaming Stick.” The device looks like your typical flash drive with a USB connector on one end.

The Streaming Stick plugs into a USB port on your smart TV – offering access to all streaming content packaged with Roku like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and more.

Inside the little stick is an integrated WiFi processor, memory and Roku software. Best Buy’s Insignia brand will be one of the first to support the Streaming Stick with its TVs. In late March of 2011, Roku and Best Buy first announced their partnership and intention to work together for products such as this.

At first glance, you may wonder what the point is of buying a device like the Streaming Stick. Sure, most smart TVs boast easy access to Netflix and others platforms, but the big draw for this device is that Roku offers ongoing software updates with new services.

The device should be cheap as well, so if the hardware gets outdated you replace the cheap stick rather than the TV itself. Roku confirmed the Streaming Stick will launch in the second half of 2012, but has yet to finalize a price. However, it will probably weigh in at around $50 or less – which is approximately what the Roku LT sells for.