An ‘average Android user’ infographic

There’s a new study out that goes so deep into what the average male Android user looks like, it even has a statistic for who has freckles.

That number is 30%. 70% of guys with an Android device have at least slightly cleaner skin.

The study, from, comes with an “infographic” that depicts a man who is 27% European, 28% Asian, and 36% American, wearing 37% of a pair of glasses. The profile also includes such data as 47% of male Android users have black hair, 38% brown hair, 9% blonde, 3% red, and 3% “other.”

78% of survey takers said they had a “normal-sized head” while 18% said they have an “unusually large head.”

Going even deeper, 18% said they wore dress shirts while 71% said they wore t-shirts. 38% said their Android device’s primary function was for work – 62% said it was for personal use.

In addition, 9% own an Android tablet but not an Android phone and 33% have never paid for an app. The average monthly data usage is just 582 MB. Some other stats include:

– 45% wear a watch

– 63% have a significant other

– 13% have more than 50 apps

– 62% wear jeans

– 21% wear dess pants

– 6% wear khakis

– 41% wear sneakers

– 5% wear flip-flops

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