There are 300 million mobile Facebook users

So not only is Facebook one of the most popular sites to visit from your computer, it’s also got just about the highest penetration rate among mobile users.

According to a new report from Enders Analysis, the number of active monthly users on Facebook’s mobile platforms has exceeded 300 million.

Enders Analysis analyst Benedict Evans pointed to another recent report on the huge number of iPhone and Android activations during the Christmas season as a reason why the numbers have spiked so quickly.

“Quite unsurprisingly, these are dominated by the two platforms that have traction, iOS and Android,” said Evans. However, that doesn’t mean they are the only ones worth talking about.

“Meanwhile around 70% of RIM’s 70 million active users have installed the Facebook app. That’s a high penetration rate … on what is supposed to be a corporate product,” he noted.

Also worth mentioning is that Facebook wants to remove the ‘app mindset’ and make its mobile experience one that is universally common, at least on Android and iPhone devices. Instead of dedicated apps, the social networking site will soon live on HTML5 and direct both platforms to the same mobile site.

Evans called Windows Phone’s involvement in the Facebook mobile revolution “quite insignificant” but said that could change if the Nokia partnership pays off.