Zite comes to iPhone

The Zite digital magazine platform that had been busy nestling a home in the iPad has now been updated to add iPhone support.

In its latest push to stay on top of the changing news and social media climate, CNN purchased Zite earlier this year.

Unlike every other digital newspaper or magazine on the Apple platform, Zite’s goal is to delivery a wholly different experience for each user depending on their personal preferences.

That is to say, if you show an affinity for politics, your version of a Zite magazine might be heavily packed with political stories, but someone else might get a sports-driven version. However, both readers would be using the exact same app.

Virtually every major player still left in the print journalism business has found a deal with the iPad and other digital reading devices. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, etc, have all embraced the new technology. Fellow company Tinc Inc has a unique move in that it does not offer any sort of digital access without a corresponding print subscription.

CNN, though, could be in a completely separate room from all of those players, though. Users want customization and expect things to be tailored to their tastes, and with the acquisition of Zite, CNN is definitely staying on top of the competition.

The cable news network has faltered in TV ratings over the last couple years but has made great strides in its online presence. This is another step in that direction.