Nintendo strikes free Wi-Fi hotspot deal for 3DS

Your 3DS might not have mobile data connectivity like your friend’s iPhone, but Nintendo is trying to make on-the-go Internet a bit more accessible for its portable gamers.

The company has struck a deal with Boingo, one of the most well-known pay-per-Wi-Fi hotspot providers in the country, to offer free online access exclusively to 3DS owners at select airports.

New York City (JFK), Chicago (ORD), and Houston (IAH) are among the pilot locations for the new program. In total, 42 airports are blessed with the free Wi-Fi test.

This means users will be able to buy downloadable games, stream online videos, and access the “Nintendo Zone” which is constantly updated with new offers and information.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has embraced airports as a target location for its gamers. It previously installed Nintendo DS download stations at select airports, allowing those with a DS to download game demos and other content through a local wireless connection.

“With the holiday season approaching, more leisure travelers and families with children will fill our airports and have access to our hotspots. Our state-of-the-art networks will provide Nintendo 3DS users with seamless connectivity and fast, reliable service to help them make the most of their travel downtime,” said Boingo SVP Colby Goff.

Nintendo’s Zach Fountain boasted, “Nintendo 3DS is our most connected device ever, and this agreement will allow people to stay entertained while they’re on the go.”