6 Ways You Can Use Your iPad…Besides the Obvious

Apple’s iPad has multiple uses beyond the obvious that many people may not be aware of. Check out some cool things you can use your iPad for and consider upgrading to the newest version.

Apple’s famous iPad is known for being a very capable device despite its scaled-down operating system.

In fact, with the right apps and features added to it, your iPad can become just as powerful as your desktop computer.

However, many people with iPads have no idea what can be done with it. That is, besides stream videos and surf the internet.

That’s why today, we are here to share with you the many uses your iPad has, and why having the most updated device will help you to discover the true value of your mobile device.

1. Connect to Social Media

Just like your iPhone, you can download apps that automatically connect you to your favorite social media platforms. For example, post a status update on Facebook or see what’s trending on Twitter based on popular hashtags of the day.

2. Read a Book

Okay, some of you probably already know you can read books on iPads. However, it’s worth noting that you can access hundreds of books using Apple’s iBooks.

Though it isn’t the smallest e-reader on the market, there are a lot of really neat features the iPad brings to your reading experience:

  • The Apple Pencil stylus for writing and drawing
  • Multiple colors of highlighter ink
  • VoiceOver support for reading out loud the contents on your pages

3. Cook Something New

One of the greatest things you can do with your iPad is use it in the kitchen. Apps such as Epicurious and are packed full of mobile friendly recipes that are easy to read directly off your iPad’s screen.

Plus, using apps, as opposed to scouring the internet for your favorite recipes, makes organizing, searching for, and finding your recipes a cinch.

3. Stream Music

We all know that streaming your favorite television show is a great feature that comes with using an iPad. After all, it’s not so small it’s difficult to see, and not so large it becomes burdensome.

However, for music lovers that want to enjoy their favorite hits no matter where they go, the iPad is the perfect device. It has great speakers and supports Bluetooth.

4. Easy Photo Editing

Your iPad may not take professional grade photographs, but it definitely gets the job done. And, what you may not know is that the iPad also offers exceptional tools for editing those same photos you take so that they do look professional, without costing you a dime.

Don’t limit yourself to the Photos app editing features either. Take advantage of the apps available in the App Store to brighten colors, add filters, crop images, and so much more.

What’s more, the iPad is great for editing video as well. The iMovie app comes free for those who have purchased iPads in recent years and offers basic video editing features such as fun themes and templates so you can not only edit the video, but add music as well.

5. Scan Documents

There is nothing worse than needing to find a nearby office store to scan and deliver important documents – and pay for it on top of that. Luckily, the iPad has a scanning feature that will automatically crop the image to include the only the document.

Need to fax it? Yup, there’s an app for that too.

6. A Second Monitor

Have you ever thought about connecting your iPad to your desktop to use as a second monitor? Well, you can. This helps with the following:

  • Switching between applications quickly
  • Segmenting working task and stay organized
  • Viewing documents side-by-side
  • Giving yourself a larger screen
  • Going vertical with your screen

As you can see, there are many uses for a dual monitor, and using your iPad is a neat way of achieving this.

In the end, using your iPad for less obvious tasks makes this small, yet handy, device that much more effective. However, if you want in on all the latest features, you need to have the most updated iPad on the market.

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