6 Environment-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Pests

How many of you have one or two insect repellants in your home? Well, we are sure there would be many hands raised. Yes, these chemical repellants do prevent us from harmful insect bites while at the same time may even have prevented diseases such as malaria, dengue etc. However, do you know these chemical repellants actually are harmful to your personal health? Well yes, it’s true. This report published in Medscape, tells how continuous exposure to such harmful chemicals causes issues such as seizure, coma and in some cases also death.

To prevent such issues, we recommend you to go green, to use eco-friendly repellants which solve the issue of pests while at the same time keeping your health intact. Today we give you 6 such repellants which you can use.

1. Use Garlic Spray

A garlic spray available on the market is a great eco-friendly pesticide which kills and eliminates almost every pest you can imagine. This spray has proven its effectiveness in acting against spiders, mites, flies etc. This biodegradable spray is a natural pesticide which after spraying doesn’t leave any smell, however, eliminates all those pesky little creatures from your house.

2. The Pepper Wax Solution

One of the other effective ways of handling pest issue is the pepper wax solution. Made out of paraffin wax, herbs, and capsaicin this solution is another natural repellant which not only deals with the common pests found on plants but is also an effective moisturizer preventing your plants against excessive dry weather. This also does not get absorbed by plants as the other chemical pesticide do, thereby keeping the taste and flavor of all your growing intact.

3. Water Can Help with Bugs

Water is effective in clearing out in Aphids a pest which is generally found to be clinched to ornamental plants. A high-pressured water hose when sprinkles water over such plants the pest bodies are washed away while their heads remain still attached. You can also apply additional items such as neem oil etc. Which prevents such pests from attaching themselves to the crops or plants ever again.

4. Cedar Oil Does the Trick

Similar to neem oil cedar oil can also be utilized as a natural insect repellant which flees insects such as mosquitoes and flies. For people suffering from cockroach allergy, cedar oil is an effective solution to get rid of these little pests. There is another citronella oil which is a mosquito repellant utilized in candles. Such repellants push away the pests while at the same time lighting your room with magnificence.

5. Use the Solar Powered Products

With the growing technology, there are now specialized solar pest repellants which operate from the heat of the sun. Such repellents are usually placed in the ground under Sun which charges them. They are set to vibrate periodically sending out signals which scare insects and small animals. This viable technique can be used in gardens where animals such as rabbits etc. come on a frequent basis.

6. Toads May Help You Greatly

Yes, it is funny, however, Toads serve as one of the greatest pest controllers in your gardens. These little creatures can eat up to 15,000 types of worms and insects and thereby keep your crop fresh throughout the year. To attract a toad in your garden you can build a little warm hiding place where the toad can stay during the morning. It later during the night does the garden cleansing process, thereby automatically eliminating harmful pests.

These 6 solutions we believe are great in helping you with your pest removal campaign. Aside from being the eco-friendly and not damaging environment, these also protect the health of your loved ones.