6 Products and Cutting-Edge Techniques That Are Leveraging Solar Power

Solar power and technologies are changing the world. Puerto Rico is leveraging solar as a means of helping stabilize the power grid after a massive hurricane left the country without power. Innovations in solar are helping the country turn the lights back on, and Tesla is leading the way.

Products and innovation in the solar industry are changing the world around us:

1. Powerpacks and Powerwalls Keep the Lights On

Tesla is leveraging powerpacks and powerwalls to help Puerto Rico, and the advancements are being used to keep the lights on in over 600 locations in Puerto Rico. Hospitals were key for Tesla in an attempt to keep equipment running and operational for those in dire need of care.

Tesla’s powerwalls and powerpacks are able to harness solar power and allow it to be stored to allow the lights to stay on day and night.

The systems, essentially batteries, are designed for residential or commercial use, depending on the type. The Powerpack is meant for commercial use, while the Powerwall is a residential battery. The capacities differ, but they allow solar to be stored for later use – perfect for a rainy day.

2. Concentrated Solar Power and Drying Sludge

Traditional sludge treatment is changing. Solar power is being concentrated to dry sludge. Sludge, which comes from wastewater treatment plants, is quite complex and dangerous to treat. Solar power is now being deployed to keep costs down and provide an alternative solution to sludge treatment.

Arizona received a pilot system that uses two solar concentrators that are designed to dry the sludge.

Utilizing an absorber tube, the water is heated and able to be used for day and night operations.

Solar and piping systems then dry the sludge with the ability to process 2 tons of sludge daily. All of this is done through solar, so it’s more economical and far less complex than treatment methods of the past.

3. Vaccine Refrigerator Systems

First-world countries are able to store all of their vaccines in refrigerated systems because the electric grid is consistent. The systems that are in place ensure that the vaccine’s efficacy remains high the entire time.

But what happens when the power grid isn’t reliable?

Developing countries often don’t have a reliable energy supply, so there may be several hours where electricity isn’t guaranteed. There may even be days where electricity doesn’t come on.