Lend Chain has received tens of millions of yuan investment from institutions contains GXChain  

LendChain, a distributed digital asset financial services platform, has received tens of millions of yuan investment from institutions contains GXChain

Today, LendChain announced that they have completed financing with tens of millions of yuan. It is reported that GXChain, PreAngel, Liebian Capital, Bianjie Capital, Bitepai and GXChain Capital are the institutions participating in this financing.
It is worth noting that GXChain is not only a project investment agency, but also has reached an in-depth strategic cooperation with LendChain: GXChain ’s Blockcity, which has 1.6 million real verified residents will divert traffic for LendChain, so there are more vertical users can easily understand and use LendChain platform.
As the first distributed digital asset financial service platform based on blockchain technology, LendChain can provide digital asset holders with various financial services such as financing, investment, insurance, and wealth management.
At the financing end, LendChain provides mortgage and credit financing services covering BTC, ETH, EOS, GXS and other mainstream cryptocurrencies. On the investment side, LendChain established a professional team to provide users products contains fixed and floating income.
‘Safe and Efficient’ is the reason why LendChain can attract investment from many blockchain investment institutions and promote strategic cooperation with GXChain . First, LendChain records lending transactions and potential services on blockchain. Therefore, data related to users’ assets and transaction cannot be deleted or tampered, which is security guaranteed, cost reduced and integration efficient. Second, LendChain provides services such as collateral management, post-loan monitoring and credit assessment through smart contracts. Therefore, there is no artificial link for the entire service process, and the platform is fully automated. This can not only greatly improve respond performance, but also accurately serve many users simultaneously. Currently, LendChain development platform internal test succeed and public test will be conducted soon. Financing can strongly support project promotion on a large scale.
Team member: Oscar is founder and CEO of LendChain, former CMO of GXChain as well. Sameul is Co-founder and product manager of LendChain, former co-founder of Zhuge wallet and former product manager of Netease Finance. All members of development team are senior engineers and worked in tech companies previously. About the result of financing, Oscar said: ‘I first came into contact with Bitcoin in 2013 and I witnessed the rapid and fluctuating development of blockchain and Bitcoin and gained rich experience. I have my own thinking and insights for blockchain and digital assets. Our team dedicates to make contribution to this industry based on our experience and expertise on finance.’It is reported that the financing will be apply onto product iteration, business promotion, operation campaign and team expansion.