Android app supports Occupy Wall Street arrestees

If you’re reading this story from inside Zuccotti Park in Manhattan or any of the many “Occupy” demonstrations that have spawned, here’s an Android app for you.

Jason Van Anden, a software developer who has worked with Tiffany & Co and Citibank, has just released the “I’m Getting Arrested” app.

Created because of the mass amounts of arrests that have occurred throughout major cities in the US, the app will send an automatic text message to emergency contacts before someone gets handcuffed and hauled downtown.

Van Anden was inspired to create the app after one of his friends was arrested during a protest.

The app is understandably being met with reaction from ‘both sides of the aisle.’

On the app’s review page, the same arguments for and against the Occupy Wall Street movement are prevalent. Some users are bashing those that support the movement, encouraging them to instead find an app that helps get them a job.

Others are chiming in with their support for the movement, saying it’s an important moment in history and anything to draw more attention to it is a good thing.

Occupy Wall Street has been an ongoing protest for over a month now, and is poised to continue on into the winter. This morning, New York City reached temperatures in the mid-30s and protestors appeared not to be dissuaded at all.