Nokia teases ‘flexible’ phone in 3 years

Nokia says its long-time smartphone concept of having a “flexible” hardware and display could be realized in just three years.

The company has referred to the conceptual project as Kinetic, and involves technology with which users could actually twist and squeeze their phone with no adverse effect.


Not only does this kind of phone require a rubber case and flexible display, but also a new kind of battery and internal hardware that can withstand the abusive strains.

Technology Insights Head of Design Tapani Jokinen was quoted in an official Nokia blog as describing the technology potential as such:

“Twist forward to scroll through files and the twisting action controls the speed. The more you twist, the faster you scroll. Go too far and you simply twist back slowly until the file or contact you want is highlighted then, bend to action, or open the item on the menu. If your phone rings, simply hold it to your ear and squeeze to answer.”

One of the main reasons Nokia shot to stardom in the 1990s and 2000s was because of its unrivaled perfection in the design and construction of unique and captivating phones.

With its new Windows Phone partnership guaranteed to give it a chance on the global market again, Nokia is poised to remind consumers why it used to be so popular.

Ideas like Kinetic are just a taste of what Nokia is no doubt toiling on behind the scenes.