Nexus One likely won’t get Ice Cream Sandwich

The Android handset that was heralded as the true “Google Phone” seems to be on the way out.

The Nexus One, Google’s flagship attempt at actually creating phone hardware in addition to the software that powers it, was well received by critics, but ultimately became a commercial flop due to Google’s extreme lack of network in the channel.

Nevertheless, it became the poster child for updates, receiving big firmware upgrades ahead of all other handsets. That will change when Ice Cream Sandwich becomes the latest and greatest version of ANdroid.

As reports, Google mobile head Hugo Barra has said the Nexus One is getting a little too old.

The ‘Nexus’ name continues to live on, with the Nexus S and Nexus Prime among the top of the list when it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich buzz. But the lack of support for the Nexus One not only will effectively kill that phone, but also casts doubt on exactly how many Android devices will be eligible for the upgrade.

Google has essentially noted that it wants ICS to be a sort of reboot for Android, as it will have more refined hardware specifications and aims to eliminate some of the fragmentation problems that have plagued Android as it continued to expand.

If you own an Android handset made in early 2010 or before, it’s likely Ice Cream Sandwich is not in your future, and even those with a more modern device may be shut out as well. Upgrade plans are still very much unconfirmed.