Occupy the URL lets you protest from the comfort of home

If you can’t make it to Wall Street – or can’t be bothered – it’s now possible to have all the fun of a protest demo without getting arrested or rained on.

Occupy the URL is designed to let you pick the website of a company that’s aggrieved you and turn it into a protest site, complete with pop-up photos of protesters.

Of course, it’s not that easy to really hijack a site, and what Occupy the URL actually does is create a mashup of the original site with the protest images, which are drawn from Flickr Creative Commons. Links from the original page, though remain live on the new URL.

The site’s been created by Jim Pugh, chief technology officer of Rebuild the Dream – a protest group founded in June with similar aims to the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

“We just wanted to provide a way for people anywhere online to show their support,” Pugh tells the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I think there are different sites out there that people would be interested in occupying: Wells Fargo, Bank of America.”

You can check out an occupied Wells Fargo bank, below.