Vuzix and Nokia clinch near-eye display deal

Vuzix and Nokia have clinched a potentially lucrative agreement to develop and manufacture see-through waveguide optics for use in near-eye display (NED) systems such as head mounted displays and video eyewear.

The deal – which is based on Nokia’s proprietary see-through (Exit Pupil Expanding) EPE optics technology – is expected to significantly accelerate the introduction of new NED products to the market.

Nokia has developed and prototyped see-through EPE technology over the past decade in various configurations, and Vuzix is betting it could offer the potential to form a viable basis for sunglass-styled video eyewear.

“We believe Nokia’s EPE technology solves a long missing piece in the NED business for creating sunglass-style video eyewear,” explained Vuzix CEO Paul Travers.

“Integrate this Nokia technology with Vuzix’s advanced display engine developments with partners like Fraunhofer IPMS, and we expect to be able to offer the video glasses that Hollywood and sci-fi writers have only been able to imagine.”