5 ways how technology has had a great impact on our lives so far

We live in an age of advanced technology in which every part of our daily life is somehow linked to the learning of craftsmanship. There is no doubt that over the years technology has contributed to the creation of useful resources. Technological progress has led to many amazing discoveries, better equipment and luxury, but it has also radically changed our daily lives. Many advanced online gadgets have changed the way people communicate, have fun, learn, work, shop, play and behave.

It’s easy to see how much technology we use every day: computers, mobile phones, laptops, trays and TVs, refrigerators and kitchen ovens. Here are five ways technology affects your daily life.

1: Better communication

Continuous technological progress has led to the development of many new methods of electronic communication, such as social networks, e-mail, voicemail and videoconferencing. These advanced communication technologies have helped us overcome time and distance as obstacles to effective communication. This is beneficial not only for our personal relationships, but also for education and business. Technology has improved global culture: Social media gave children and grown ups the ability to communicate with people world wide for free in real time.

2: Improving life and lifestyles

Modern technologies also have an impact on life and lifestyle. Most of the things you own at home are automated and make life easier, brighter and safer. With advanced technologies such as automatic locks, security cameras and lighting control, our homes are safer than ever. Also with the Internet, we have easy access to all kinds of information and you can shop online at home at any time of the day or night.

3: Changing the health system

There is no doubt that technology is the engine of a huge improvement in health care. Today, most hospitals have implemented modern technologies in hospitals and operating theatres, significantly reducing the number of errors committed by doctors. Improving access to healthcare is also one of the most striking ways in which technology has changed healthcare. Nowadays there are many health application that allows us to control our weight, heart rate and moany more health factors any time of the day. The Internet is, of course, our main source of medical information.

More and more people are using the Internet to diagnose and guide people with the same symptoms. Many treatments and remedies, as well as alternatives, are also available on the Internet.

4: Training opportunities

Technology has influenced every aspect of our lives today, and education is no exception. Technology has changed education in many ways. Firstly, technology has improved access to education and large amounts of information (books, images, films, audio) are available free of charge on the Internet.

Modern technologies have enabled students to learn easily all over the world through online education. In addition does technology enhance the act of learning by making it more convenient and a lot more effective. With the iPad, for example, students can share visual lessons, presentations and examples with colleagues. As a result, learning is much more fun, but above all, more effective.

5: Driving comfort

Modern communication technologies have facilitated mobility over long distances. Because transportation is an important part of our lives, we regularly work to make it more efficient and faster. The first steam train was built in 1798, the first official modern car in 1886, and the first engine based flight was recorded in 1903.

Well-developed modes of transport such as cars, trains, buses and planes have become an integral part of our lives. In the last decade, the automotive industry has undergone a technological revolution that has caused a storm in electric vehicles.