5 Tips for Choosing the Best Wireless Router for Your Home Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi routers have become an essential component within any household. People find it difficult to pick a suitable Wi-Fi router to their homes. It should be noted that the modern consumer expects a high performance device where they can engage in high speed online gaming, high-quality video streaming, and also to connect their smartphones. These demands make the old fashioned routers invalid. Huge loads of data move around the modern households. You got to make a smart purchasing decision to pick the Best Wireless Routers among the hundreds of products available in the market. Consider the below mentioned tips prior to buying and placing a Wi-Fi router within your house.

Pick 802.11ac routers

Be mindful to purchase a Wi-Fi router which provides 802.11ac support to the system. It should be noted that 802.11ac has the ability to offer a throughput of 1300Mbps even at the base level. This is twice faster than the previous model. It should also be noted that these routers make connections with older devices as well. These routers involve less hassle and you don’t have to keep upgrading once the new version arrives. It is highly compatible with your high speed tablet, smartphone or the PC. Wi-Fi routers which support 802.11ac have the ability to handle many concurrent connections at once. Spend extra and enjoy the benefit for an extended period of time.

Purchase your Router from a Retailer who accepts Returns

Your house and the connection may not have the exact specification demanded by 802.11ac routers. In this case, the device would be a fail within your residence. It should be noted that the performance of the router is dependent on the operating environment which includes factors like the ISP, specifics of your home and the specifics of the devices connected. The retailer will convince you to purchase the latest product available without considering the operating environment. In this case, it is very important to negotiate for a healthy return policy with the retailers. You should be given the right to return the Wi-Fi router of it doesn’t work or perform to the optimum level within your house. Make sure you negotiate prior to making the purchase, not once you finish purchasing it.

Placement is very important

Placement is as important as purchasing a quality Wi-Fi router. Placement is not much of an issue if you are living in a one room apartment. The performance and the reach of the Wi-Fi router your purchase is highly dependent on the spot you decide to place it. It should be noted that the exterior design of the router could be a crucial factor in determining the reach and the signal distribution strength of the device. It is best place to the Wi-Fi router right in the center of your house, to maximize performance. Make sure you leave it open without hiding it out of sight. You may experience better performance once you place the Wi-Fi router in a suitable place which is open to all the areas within the house. You should also be mindful to purchase a Wi-Fi router with a steady and strong antenna which supports the placement criteria.

Consider the Frequency Range

You got to make sure that the Wi-Fi router you purchase works on the 2.4GHz frequency range. You can go with the Dual-band router if you don’t like to experience any signal interference. This will eventually help the connection exceed the limit of 5GHz frequency band. This is among the most important and invisible tips to consider prior to purchasing a suitable Wi-Fi router to your house. It should be noted that modern routers provide high speed connections with the help of dual bands. This highlights the significance of purchasing a Dual Band Router.

USB Port and Security Features

In addition to the above mentioned tips, hunt for a router with USB 3.0 or a minimum of a USB 2.0 port. There are some routers in the market which supports USB Dongles. This will provide a great opportunity for the user to save data and use the device as an optimal Network Storage Server. It should also be noted that the modern high-quality routers come with the security features of WPA, WEP, and WPA2 and look for these security criteria prior to making a purchase decision.