5 Reasons All Startups Should Use Cloud-Based Applications

Should startups be using Cloud technology? This is one of the hottest questions surrounding new business startups, and the arguments suggesting they should are strong.

Proponents of using the Cloud will quickly point to benefits like savings, flexibility, and better collaboration. While the reasons are many, these are a few of the leading reasons why startups should consider using Cloud-based applications.

Cash Flow Management

One of the most important hurdles for any new business is maintaining a viable cash flow. Using Cloud resources enables startups to streamline operational expenses by matching revenues with expenses, using only the resources needed:

” … 80 percent of cloud adopters believe that it helps their organization reduce IT costs.”

From technical support to operational expenses, startups are saving money in the Cloud.

Time to Market

The quicker a company can get its services to market, the quicker it can start generating revenue. There isn’t a faster way than using the PaaS infrastructure — it enables expedited provisioning, resulting in an improved time to market. Getting to market quicker, however, will also require the ability to update, fix, and improve applications. The Cloud gives your company that ability.

Continuous Integration (CI)

A great advantage of Cloud technology is that it allows coders to make smaller and more frequent changes to continually improve and update applications. One analyst explains the ease of CI: “Modern PaaS platforms make it easy to push changes to the code managed via a version control system like git or SVN.” The benefits of CI also promote the aforementioned time to market advantages by permitting programmers to write and implement fixes or updates quickly.


Startups are often recognized as high-risk high-reward businesses because epic failure or incredible growth are real possibilities for startups today. If a startup can’t scale fast enough to grow, it will fail. If a company can’t downsize quickly enough to save wasteful expenditures, it will lose money that can’t afford to be lost. Using Cloud technologies, being able to scale on demand is not only quick but also easy.

Improved Tech Support

It could be said that the Cloud never sleeps. When it comes to startups from all over the world and from every time zone, that is a big deal. Using the tech support made possible 24/7 from Cloud-based application providers makes this possibility a reality. The Agora Quick Start Guide is one example of how Cloud-based application support works and how easy it is to use and access.

Cloud technology gives startups the best possible start. These are only a few of the advantages afforded startups using Cloud technologies. Can the Cloud determine the success or failure of a startup? Maybe, maybe not, but it will definitely improve your business and put you in a position to succeed.

More computing power and more money saved are just a couple of reasons why startups are finding success in the Cloud. Startups need every advantage they can get, and the Cloud offers many.