5 Best Laptop Accessories to Get in 2017

The exciting moment in which to pick the best laptop gadgets for the year has come, and 2017 has some pretty interesting news to consider in what regards to technological advancements to meet and new ways of improving your lifestyle. Looking for a better mouse, a smart looking bag or a cooling pad? Stay tuned to this guide!

1.) Cooler Master NotePal X3

Experience does tell that when looking for a cooling pad, brands do matter. Regardless of the immense amount of cheap, Chinese products we may come across each day, laptop coolers can be somewhat picky, being not just its built material but also fan performance and connectivity key points to consider prior choosing which one to get.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

In this case, the Cooler Master NotePal X3 stands out as the best choice for heavy gamers that look for a way to reduce those unwanted high temperatures. Why am I picking this model and not the high-end Cooler Master SF-17? First of all, price. The last one steps over the line of $60 for a laptop cooling pad, which is considered to be expensive for this kind of products, but also the titling-angle feature isn’t convincing enough to pay the extra cash.

Fan performance is the same for the two models, whereas most gamers would look for a flat surface rather than setting your laptop at odd angles for a minor expected comfort. It does not feature a USB hub like more advanced models, though a USB port is included to work as a spare one of the laptop’s USB port you are using to power up this unit.

2.) Logitech MX Master

Look no further when it respects to wireless mouses! Logitech is the #1 choice for these handy devices that make our computing experience a possibility, and though it seems expensive for the average user, trust me when I say you won’t regret this choice.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

A rechargeable mouse, whose integrated battery isn’t replaceable, though is meant to last for several years, the Logitech MX Master works for both Windows and Mac computers, delivering a smooth, precise and ergonomic experience for users that seek perfection at every click. It works with the ever popular Logitech Unifying USB dongle, or it features an option for Bluetooth connectivity, though it is expected to reduce battery time.

Is there a downside? Naturally, its price.

3.) Homey’s PowerUp

Coming soon on IndieGoGo, this USB hub is the answer to the frustrating new MacBook Pro’s announcement on the introduction of the USB-C port and its compatibility issues with today’s USB-based products.

Photo courtesy of Homey

With a sleek design and compact size, PowerUp is crafted to be a USB-C charger that can hold up to 3 different USB devices, with a data transfer speed rated at 5 GB/second between devices and MacBook Pro itself. If all that wasn’t enough, PowerUp is mostly meant to work as a standalone battery charger that can hold up phones, cameras and tablets, with charging speed being twice as fast as ordinary chargers.

4.) Peak Design Everyday Messenger

When looking for a classical laptop bag, this model stands out. Expensive undoubtedly, but its quality pays the price for the product you are getting.

Available in two sizes (13 and 15 inches), with two possible colour options (charcoal and heritage tan), the Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag keeps a minimalistic design with a classic layout inspired by traditional messenger bags. Whereas it isn’t fully waterproof due to the small holes made for where the flaps fold, it does a superb job in keeping our gear safe, even under torrential downpour circumstances (avoid windy situations if you are not prone to take the risk of damaging your gear).

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It offers several built-in pouches for storing minor elements like ID cards, passports, batteries or even a spare camera – but be aware that this pricey bag is also capable of carrying a big sized DSLR model, multiple lenses and a laptop up to the size of a 15-inch MacBook Pro. Yeah, 15” gaming laptops, as expected, won’t fit in this cool looking bag.

5.) Bose QuietComfort 35

We can’t talk about the best laptop accessories without even considering a pair of headphones on this list.

Labelled as the ultimate noise-canceling headphone solution, the Bose QuietComfort 35 is an expensive piece of technology that only music lovers can justify its investment. Relatively lightweight at 236 grammes, the QC35 is meant to be not just an upgrade but a complete revision of their QC25 model, adding sturdiness to the equation.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Works with an integrated rechargeable battery for expanding its autonomy, though keep in mind that the headphones will keep working as wired headphones in case the battery runs out, without the noise cancelling function.

Now that you are aware of the latest trends in technology, it’s time to take a tour to the closest store and let 2017 turn yourself into a tech-guru.