5 best Android mobiles in 2017

Distance is a vanishing concept now. People can connect on just click of a button. Communication cannot be easier. With the revolution of mobile phone industry, variety of user-interfaces is showing up with distinctive characteristics. Android has thoroughly been a dominant one. Competition between different companies is incredibly high, however Android has able to maintain its reputation across users. With number of unique features, Android is outshining. Along with external competition, internal competition, between smartphones belonging to the same interface, is also getting aggressive. Android industry is occupied by countless smartphones, posing difficulties while choosing the best one. You can refer to guides and blogs related to sci-tech like Techie Word, to search for criteria defining good smartphones. However there are below mentioned top 5 Android mobile:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This can be the best phone Samsung phones can demand for. Although some features are similar to Galaxy S5, like micro-SD and waterproofing, it is completely a masterpiece in itself. With now a longer battery time, it has lot of unprecedented functionalities. With a 12 megapixel camera and new sensor technology, the image quality is better than ever. It has almost everything one could expect from a mobile phone. Samsung has created an absolute sensation possibly improving everything they could.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7

Another gem created by Samsung is one of the best Android phones you could use. Samsung Galaxy S7 has improved its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S6 in every manner. With a 5.1 inch screen, it has improved its water-proof design to give it a sleeker look. It also upgraded core hardware and photography gear. However on board storage that is 32 GB only is not enough, expendable storage is included in this handset. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors and 4 GB of RAM make it super-fast to use. With extended battery life time than before, the phone is the best fit for you, however the battery is irremovable.

  • Google Pixel

First phones to include Google Assistant, these phones will be a completely new experience. With exclusive software features and phenomenal cameras, Pixel is a great android phone. Supporting Google’s Daydream VR, this phone has a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM, long lasting batteries and plenty in-built capacity for your storage. However some drawbacks you may want to consider are that they are not as much waterproof as the phones mentioned above are. It also does not comprise of a micro SD slot. If these snags do not disrupt you, then you can without a doubt go for this phone right away.

  • LG G5

You can equate innovation with LG G5. Trying to come up with something different, a modular phone has come in market. In this phone you can replace certain features with another when you are in requirement of something else. With amazing performance and camera results, this phone holds an edge above others by its modular design. You can actually swap your phone with a different module to either get a higher audio quality. It’s a perfect choice for you.

  • One Plus 3T

This outstanding phone includes everything a modern smartphone should. You will absolutely love One Plus 3T if you are fan of One Plus 3. 6 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 821 processor remarkably allows the user to zoom through every other task the phone contains. With enough battery time to get you through the whole day with a single charge, this phone is an absolute masterpiece. Other features comprises of a 16 MP rear camera, dual-SIM card slot, and large storage capacity. This slim and fast phone is a better version of One Plus.