5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Next Sports Event

The festive energy and the healthy tension in sports events always bring people together, no matter who they are rooting for. It is for this reason that event organizers exert a lot of creative effort into putting together a successful sports gathering. But before an event does its magic, the word has to spread far and wide first — and effectively, at that.

Aside from a huge audience turnout, your goal as an organizer should be to get a return of your investment, and this is made possible through a surefire marketing strategy. Here are five promotional ideas that will get your sports event the reception it needs!

1. Utilize social media.

There’s no denying that we now live in a digital world, where everyone is a member of at least one social media platform. The great thing about social networks is that people can use it for free. Bring this to your advantage; that’s free promotion right there. Create an account or a page in any social network promoting your sports event to reach out directly to fans and even to interact with them. There’s no need to be present in every platform that you can find. It may be more effective to just focus on one before thinking of branching out to others. After all, word spreads like wildfire on the internet.

2. Get the local media involved.

Getting media coverage is still easily one of the greatest ways to spread news. Create a press release of your sports event and pitch it to local newspapers, radios, and magazines. Journalists and editors are always on the lookout for some material to fill their slots. You can also send out the news to local bloggers so they can feature it in their websites. In turn, you can offer free tickets to the event. Here’s another tip: getting the local media involved may work well if you build rapport with people in the media before you actually need them. This is where you’ll realize how important building your social network is.

3. Put it on print.

Don’t let your event go out of sight and be forgotten! Creating a memorable logo with coordinating colors and a catchy slogan should do the trick. Attach all these elements in all your advertising efforts, including posters, flyers, newspaper ads, and social media postings. You can also have them printed in banners and put them up in conspicuous places in your area. Some local businesses often allow organizers to put up promotional ads in their stores and even agree to become sponsors in their sporting events.

People always remember what they constantly see, so make your upcoming event visible as much as you can. On game day, keep the energy alive by putting up custom-made tents and flags, as well as booths with custom-printed table covers and drapes. You can also add inflatable arches perfect for racing events. Be creative in getting your message across; your imagination is your limit!

4. Launch a college campus contest.

One way to gain a huge audience during your event is to invite fraternities and sororities in your local colleges and have them compete for the largest group in attendance. Of course, the prizes at stake for the winning team should be something they would be interested in, such as concert tickets, souvenirs, or snacks to be given during the event. To make the contest more convenient, you can assign specific colors for every group to easily identify each turnout or you can hand out sporting event tickets that are unique to every participating college. Organizing these college campus contests may seem like additional work, but they greatly contribute to audience participation during the event itself.

5. Arrange pre- and post-game activities.

Hosting activities before or after the game can help gain more audience for your sports event. Great game starter activities may include live band performances, tailgate parties, or parades. Pep rallies are also excellent in pumping up some pre-game energy. Meanwhile, post-game activities can be award ceremonies, meet-and-greet sessions, or press conferences. Tickets to these after-game activities can also be handed out as incentives or prizes to contests organized beforehand, giving fans exclusive access to their favorite teams and sports merchandise.

Marketing a sports event, or any event at all, requires a lot of time and effort no doubt, yet a positive turnout is all you need to make everything worth it. Don’t just rely on what’s readily available, such as the digital space, in promoting your event. Exhaust all tools possible and seek help from others, especially when you’ve got a lot on your plate. Put your imagination to work and make your ideas a reality.