5 Best Alternatives to Google Play Store

Google Play Store is almost perfect but it can be boring for most android users after some time. Keeping this in mind we have made the list of 5 Best Alternatives to Google Play Store that will shake things up and you will have more fun installing and using the apps on your android device. Be it the free apps or the modified apps, free games and comics, the experience is worth a try.


Getjar has one of the biggest app collections among all the third party app stores in the world. If you have an old android device and can not find apps compatible with your device, head over to Getjar where you can easily find all the versions of popular apps for all the android devices, new or old. Getjar has been around for a very long time and has never failed to deliver the apps we desperately needed for our android devices and that too for absolutely free! You can get older versions of almost all the popular apps as well, in case you do not like the new update of the app and want to go back to the way things were.


TUTUApp is one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store for your android device. It is a free, fast and easy way to download apps for your device. You can download apps for free, even the paid ones. The download speed for all the apps is fast on this app store and it also supports multiple app download which allows you to download more than one app at once. You do not need a rooted android device in order to use and download apps; it works fine with devices without root access as well. You can find all the popular and paid apps on the app store and download for free! It also provides free games, music and other media content. You can also download the pro version of the app which comes with some additional perks.

Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store is a good alternative to the official Google play store if you are looking to get apps and games cheap. Amazon App Store comes up with great offers every once in a while and you can get paid apps for a huge discount. You can also get some of the apps for free on Amazon App Store that are otherwise paid on Google Play Store. The price of apps on Amazon App Store is comparatively low as compared to other official app stores and you can save on almost all apps. Amazon App Store also has a great collection of eBooks, music, TV shows, Movies and other media content that you can buy online for your android device for a fair price.


Appvn is another great alternative for Google Play Store backed by loads of cool features and tons of modified apps. Appvn is famous for providing the collection of modified popular apps such as modified versions of Instagram and Snapchat which make these social media platforms a lot more fun to use. Appvn also provides free modified games which double the fun. You can also get free music, videos and even free comics on this third party app store. Appvn is available for all android devices for free. It has a very simple and efficient user interface which you will have no problem in navigating your way around without reading any instructions.

Opera Mini App Store

Opera Mini App Store is also a very popular third party app store which is can be a good alternative to Play Store. Opera Mini App Store is available directly on all opera browsers. You can also download the app store on your device for easy access. Opera Mini App Store does the job, it provides the popular apps, you can get free apps easily for your device and you can also securely purchase apps from this app store. You can also get older versions of certain popular apps from this app store. Opera Mini App Store provides APK files of apps that you can also transfer or share with other android devices and install the same app on other smart phones.

Thank you for reading our list of top 5 Best Alternatives to Google Play Store that you can get for your android device. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below!