5 Apps You Can Build With New Android App Inventor

Somewhere inside of you is a Steve Jobs, a Bill Gates, a Mark Zuckerberg, stinking up the place with fabulosity. So, go make an App, today is your day.

Now that Google has released App Inventor in beta, there isn’t a moment to lose. Start building and change the world. Here are 5 ideas to help get you started.

1. I Can Hear You!

This app is awesome because every time you shout “Can you hear me now?” your phone automatically replies, “I can hear you, I can hear you, already!” No more stress, frustration, and phone rage. Sure, it doesn’t actually mean your call is going through, but who cares. In the future, no calls will go through because the phone networks and computers will be busy calculating tiered data charges.

2. iBehatin’ the iPhone

You know how some of your friends have iPhones and they always be all up in your grill about your Android shizzle. Well, this app sends a sonic wave out to anyone calling you from an Apple product, rendering them catatonic. How’s that iPhone working for you now, byatch?!

3. Where in Heck is Cameron Diaz – The Game

It’s been a while since we saw a decent sequel to Carmen Sandiego, and this could be it. Players can use their Android phones to crawl the four corners of Google Earth looking for the last decent part our poor, but lovely, Diaz played. Many of us fondly remember the high point of her career, playing opposite Jim Carrey in The Mask. Which gives us another great idea: an App that kills you every time your career’s highest point is a co-starring role in a Jim Carrey comedy.

4. Automatic Celebrity Tweet Generator

Updating your followers on Twitter is a pain, especially if you are famous. You have drugs to take, drinks to drink, and prostitutes to procure. This app could do the Twitter thingy job for you.

Among the library of great tweets are such feats of intellectual ingenuity as: You guys are the best. Don’t know where I’d be without you.

Then there’s the old standby: Here is a picture of me naked in front of yet another hotel bathroom mirror.

And our personal favorite: I love ‘s They are awesome, ka-ching.

5. Calling Plan Doomsday Clock

Every phone has to have one of these babies. A Doomsday Clock that counts down to the day your contract ends. Now, most people don’t ever get to that point because they change phones, and just keep renewing their plans to get a deal on the latest phone so, the likelihood is that if you ever get to the end of your perpetual 2 year plan, the world will end, and you will wash up on the shores of hell with a bag full of Kins and a Windows Mobile presentation from 2002.

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