5 Android Apps to Improve Productivity at Work

Productivity is no doubt one of the most crucial elements for any job and if a person isn’t able to produce something new then, it surely becomes hard for them to survive and even work in the right manner.

Today the purpose of this article is to highlight the importance of productivity and how it can be boosted up with the help of your handheld android devices. There is certainly no doubt in the statement that now each and everything in this world is linked with the help of our mini devices and they surely help us in increasing our performance in the most efficient manner.

We tried our best to gain maximum information about all of those Android applications, which are capable of helping people in boosting their productivity at the work place and achieving their defined goal in the given period of time without losing their minds.

If we link the origin of smartphone and productivitythen, these mini devices were came into existence for the purpose of enhancing the productivity of a person and minimizing their manly efforts with the help of perfectly embedded smartphone however, because of the rush of application it is indeed hard to identify the potential of an application and how it should be used in increasing productivity.

If you are interested in getting information about the most productive Android application then, read on!

1. Office Suite 8, No PC? Don’t Worry.

It won’t be wrong to state that productivity at work and office Suite 8 can be called as brilliant productive combination because it is certainly hard to be productive without having office suite 8 in your dear smartphone. Office Suite 8 is one of those applications, which is indeed designed with sheer perfection and holds the vision of providing maximum ease to the user. Workers would be able to get access to some of the highly important desktop applications such as:

This application no doubt increases the overall productivity by compelling every important stuff under one application.

· Advanced working mechanism for Documents

· Spreadsheet

· Presentations

· Extensive working of the cloud storage

· Access to advanced PDF and other applications.

· Application available for $14.99 pro and annually $19.99

2. Ever Note:

If you are looking for something amazing and something which can help you in working offline then, Ever note is no doubt designed for you. Ever Note is one of those productivity applications which help the workers in maximizing their overall work performance by integrating the operation of several crucial platforms. The best thing about Ever Note is that it is also available for free however; if you are interested in fast, boosting and amazing experience then, updates it by spending $24.99 per year. Although there are some other free note taking apps that you can download.

Some of the important features of Ever Note are as follows:

· It helps in syncing between different devices

· It can work offline.

· Capable of virtually transferring each and everything to other devices.

· It provides cross-platform support.

3. Slack:

No team can ever survive without proper communication. It is true that there is no replacement for face to face interaction however, slack holds the vision of providing the effective chat services to the work group teams so that they can interact with each other without getting hammered by the communication barriers inside the organization.

Communication not only helps in increasing productivity, it also aims to increase the level of comfort between the employees and establish good relationships between the sub-ordinates so that they can work in the right manner. If you are interested in achatting application for work then, slack is no doubt designed for you.

Some of the features of Slack are as follows:

· Unlimited sharing of files.

· Cross-platform support

· Number of plugins to some of the popular applications.

· This application is available for free on the play store.

4. Today Calendar:

Too busy to look after your meetings and manage your personal dates? No problem. Today calendar is one of those significant applications, which is designed to provide maximum ease to people so that their mind don’t get jumbled and out of the track. One of the signals of low productivity is messed up mind and pressure of schedule.

Today Calendar basically helps the working people in managing their time in the most effective manner and organizing their work without getting pressurized by the upcoming events, meetings and important dates.

This application offer number of benefits, some of them are as follows:

· Organization of the schedule without repetition.

· Easy to access.

· It also provides the opportunity of widgets and different important features.

· Available for free. Updated version can be purchased at the rate of $4.30 per year from the play store.

5. Trello:

If you want someone to manage work for you then, you should not wait for a second and download Trello because it is no doubt worth it. Trello is basically designed to help people in assembling their past, current and to-do work under one application in the most organized and advanced manner without any repetitionand confusion.

Trello helps in boosting the productivity by aiding the people about their upcoming work, at what time it should be submitted and how it should be prepared.It is indeed very hard for a human mind to learn every small detail about their work however, Trello helps in performing that work by storing the most relevant and small details about the project in the most helping manner.

This storage feature of the application not only helps in increasing the productivity at work however, it also help people in gaining competitive advantage by performing the work in the most advanced and highly efficient manner.

This application is available at Play Store for free. Download it and be productive!

If you think we are missing an application, which you think is productive then, make us aware of that application followed by your experience in the comment below.

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