4G Sprint trial to continue

Schaumberg, Il – A move by Sprint to strike out claims against IPCS in a court case was dismissed by a Cook County, Illinois circuit court.

Sprint wanted the court to dismiss claims in an amended complaint over Sprint’s Wi-Max venture with Clearwire.

The case, filed earlier this year, alleged that Sprint improperly withheld 4G technology after the Clearwire transaction.

The ICPS subsidiaries can go ahead and make a claim for any actual or direct damages resulting from the case.

ICPS CEO Timothy M. Yager said: “Technological advances are central to any wireless business and we are confident that after the evidence is presented in this case, the court will uphold the business deal that we reached with Spring over 10 years ago to ‘be Sprint’ in our exclusive territories and offer the most advanced seamless wireless nationwide network to our subscribers.”

ICPS is also waiting for Sprint to comply with a court’s ruling that it must stop owning, operating and managing the Nextel wireless network in IPCS wireless terrority by January next year.