Stereo, hi-fi redefined by Taiwanese outfit

Taipei, Taiwan – Want to annoy those around you for up to nine hours? Agios Technology has launched what it describes as the world’s first quality pocket stereo.

After ‘two years of intensive research and development’, the Podio combines a 2GB MP3 player, amp and speaker in a metal tube just 88 millimeters long. We are assured that the single speaker delivers an amazingly-full, natural sound.

To provide stereo with a single speaker would indeed be amazing and without hearing the Podio, we rather suspect that the hi-fi moniker might also be of interest to trading standards officials.

The Podio is aimed at cyclists and gym enthusiasts concerned with the potential hearing damage caused by using earbuds – although a headphone socket is thoughtfully provided. The device can be attached to the handlebar of a bicycle and play music for up to 20 hours – but only if you use earphones. Using the single, stereo speaker will only allow up to nine hours of annoying everyone around you.

The Podio connects to a computer through a USB port and can store music in both MP3 and WMA formats at sample rates of up to 384Kbps. DRM content is not supported.

Agios tells us that the “1.5 Watt” output, coupled with a highly efficient sound body, should deliver ‘sufficient’ sound pressure. Pricing remains a mystery.