Apple’s iPad closes in on Blackberry and Android

Apple’s iPad is rapidly gaining online usage share and has almost drawn even with Blackberry and Android during its first 10 days on the market.  

Indeed, (via Mobile Marketing Watch) reports that the iPad’s share has averaged some .03% since April 3.

Meanwhile, RIM’s Blackberry claimed a .04% share, as Google’s Android maintained the same figure, which was evenly split between versions 1.5 and 1.6.

“Just weeks after launch, the iPad is already solidifying its position as [a] viable platform. With only 500,000 units sold, the iPad is showing up against its rival siblings the iPod touch and iPhone, which have sold some 35 million and 50 million units respectively,” explained Charles Jade of  AppleBlog.

“Keep in mind too that both handheld devices are available worldwide, while the iPad will not see international release until May..It’s quite possible that by the end of June the iPad may surpass the iPod Touch in share.”