Android challenges Apple’s repressive ecosystem

Are developers finally tiring of Apple’s repressive and controlling guidelines for third-party iPhone apps?

Well, that remains to be seen, but in the meantime, development of new Android applications continues at a feverish pace. 

Indeed, 9,331 new mobile apps were reportedly added to the Android Marketplace during the month of March, 2010.

“This number is even more phenomenal when you look at the Android Marketplace’s historical growth. In December of last year, for example, there were 3,807 new applications added to the Android app store. By January, 4,458 more were added,” explained Sarah Perez of ReadWriteWeb.

“In February, 5,532 arrived. And now, 9,331. If this trend continues, we could possibly see a month this year where the number of new applications tops 5 digits. And with numbers like this, Android could soon give Apple a run for its money.”

According to Perez, Apple still has “far more” mobile applications available for download.

However, she noted that Android is clearly one of the “fastest-growing” mobile app stores on the market.

“Since the launch of the Google Android Market in October 2008, the developer ecosystem surrounding the OS has seen rapid growth. One week after the Market’s launch, there were just 167 applications available for download.

“Today, the number of Android applications has reached 27,243 and there’s no sign of its growth slowing down,” added Perez.