Modder enables FM Radio on Motorola Cliq

A modder by the name of Eugene373 has managed to enable a dormant FM Radio feature on his Motorola Cliq.

“While trying to fix the radio issue with Moto Blur on the LG ROM he has running on the Cliq, Eugene stumbled across a lib file that was missing in the normal Blur ROM,” explained Nicole Cozma of Android Guys.

“He also noticed FMRadio was present in the bin file. After some deep contemplation (not really), Eugene loaded the bin and lib FMRadio files and an apk he found floating around – one intended for this purpose-and voila, FM Radio started working!” 

However, Cozma cautioned that the software mod does not currently work on the standard build, as “a lot of work still needs to be done” to get it up and running.

“There’s only one catch besides the wait for adjustments: it will only work if you have your headphones plugged in for the time being, but we can deal,” added Cozma.